I spotted this cool '76 TT-500 Yamaha thumper at Glen Helen for the 2002 Vintage Iron World Championships. It has a very nice mega phone pipe and is big bore kitted. Very nice work.

Very nice Pro Fab framed TT-500. Has a 540 big bore kit installed and was seen thumpin' around Glen Helen at the 2002 VIWC. Owned by Lou out of So. Cal.

Very trick TT-500. This TT can be seen winning some races at the CALVMX races in So. Cal. Owned and raced by Paul Claybaugh out of So. Cal.

Lots of mods to Paul's TT. Simmons forks, White bros. swingarm, Works Shocks just to name a few.

This creation belongs to Dwayne Kawakami of Merced, Cal. Dwayne has done a great job on this one for sure.

Another view of Dwayne's thumper. It has a White Bros. swingarm and cam, 36mm Dellorto carb, Progressive shocks, and a Super Trapp exhaust. Dwayne also did some work up front with the air caps and extended dampener rods.

This is a great shot of Pierre Karsmakers and Gerrit Does hangin' out at Saddleback in '80. This was Pierre prepping for practice on his Factory Yamaha thumper.

A great shot of the Factory Yamaha thumper Pierre rode to the '80 4-Stroke World Championship held at Saddleback. The picture was taken before practice on that very day!

This is a Dick Mann framed TT-500.
It's the actual thumper built by Dirt Bike magazine in '76. If you look closely, you can see Dick Mann signed the side panel.

Another view of this nice DMS.
This thumper is one awesome piece of work. Owned and raced by Marv Mason out of Washington state.

The Dick Mann Special. Very nice thumper. A great frame kit for the TT-500 motor.

This is a White Bros. TT-500 kit thumper from '76. It has a very low serial # on both the frame and engine. It has tons of the White Bros. goodies of the day. Very trick thumper. Check out how the shocks are mounted. Pretty interesting. Owned by Jerry Smith out of O.K.C.

This is a Dick Mann Special framed TT-500 out of New York. This one owned and raced by Greg Bastek out of New York state.

Another view of Greg's DMS. Nice Simons forks to go with his Thumper!

Two trick thumpers from Australia. One is a TT-500 motor installed in a Husky frame. Very cool. The other is a C&J framed TT-500. Both are serious eye candy. Aussies can build some mean thumpers!

Awesome TT-500 thumper! Owned and raced by Brett O'Mara from Australia. Brett sure builds some great Thumpers!

This is a C&J Framed TT-500. Excellent restore. I love the colors used. Thanks to Bob Nielson for the photos.

Another view of a nice C&J Framed TT-500. Nice OW side plates and works OW forks up front. I'm sure it runs as good as it looks.

A closer look at the detail put into this bike. A killer paint job on the tank.

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